Gidi30 Mc24

by Unknown


Avatar WOLZARD made an annotation at 2808 -914 -602 while standing at 2794 -1329 -539 last month
this angle is to strong for sentry
Avatar Gruppy made an annotation at 2782 523 -856 while standing at 2668 549 -875 last month
Let blue get into this building
Avatar X-Minolta left feedback: last month
good gamemode but there is massive lag on the map
Avatar Wilson left feedback: last month
This would be cooler as tug of war and the layout as it is right now is just a long spiraling corridor.
Avatar april? left feedback: last month
lag is innacurate, the whole thing acts like your pc is dying
Avatar TrustyGun made an annotation at 3758 -1912 -337 while standing at 2368 437 -878 last month
this first choke just kill my frames for no reason; possibly the flags??
Avatar Hydro Eclipse left feedback: last month
gamemode is intresting and promesing, but this map layout works against it
Avatar Wilson left feedback: last month
Neat proof of concept for the entity setup but I think the gamemode and the layout need to go back to the drawing board
Avatar Adam left feedback: last month
something on the map is causing massive lag, it seems - from what a lot of people are saying (and what i experienced too)
Avatar Perihelion made an annotation at 2034 399 -917 while standing at 2003 383 -875 last month
this is just one massive choke with no flanks for blu
Avatar [UHG]barracks obimbo left feedback: last month
gamemode has potential
Avatar Adam left feedback: last month
red can move the flags when touching them, even though they cant pick them up
Avatar [UHG]barracks obimbo made an annotation at 3526 -2385 -635 while standing at 2668 -1983 -430 last month
for some reason i really like these textures + handrail spiral. seems liek a hella choke for cart