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by Unknown


Avatar Harribo left feedback: July 2019
i had fun
Avatar Kine² made an annotation at 2226 1491 44 while standing at 2280 1613 97 July 2019
this fence just gets in the way
Avatar UEAKCrash left feedback: July 2019
really interesting map, has a lot of promise. I'd just open it up some more and make things a bit less 'jump necessary'
Avatar UEAKCrash made an annotation at -1551 843 -247 while standing at -1760 179 -83 July 2019
this room is nice
Avatar Kine² left feedback: July 2019
you can roll stickies along the cart and get spots you normally might not reach
Avatar Paper made an annotation at -2903 1380 266 while standing at -3282 1031 36 July 2019
this sign is massive and doesn't make much sense lmao
Avatar UEAKCrash left feedback: July 2019
remake last, or at least how the spawns are, give defense some height
Avatar tyler left feedback: July 2019
really dislike last, especially the spawn exit. cant retreat to locker without getting sniped from a pretty long area
Avatar Stuffy360 left feedback: July 2019
demo and soldiers are very strong in this map because of all the close quarters
Avatar Defcon made an annotation at 1800 1135 -182 while standing at 1600 1624 -76 July 2019
if this is a hydroelectric power plant i'd expect to see more just a single turbine
Avatar Defcon made an annotation at 1899 1111 -177 while standing at 2172 1794 107 July 2019
this doesn't seem like a place that would have water flowing through it so idk why this turbine is here.
Avatar Stuffy360 made an annotation at -3107 132 100 while standing at -3369 133 100 July 2019
one way spawns are lame
Avatar J05HUA left feedback: July 2019
can get stuck under the crate after it drops without dying
Avatar Kine² left feedback: July 2019
it is very easy for the cart to spam out the last spawn
Avatar Kelp | Sirc left feedback: July 2019
Use some info overlays tho for your healthpack stuff