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by RGB


Avatar Defcon left feedback: last month
messy brushwork is still the biggest thing holding this map back imo. it might seem insignificant but when your brushwork is sloppy it makes the map feel sloppy to play
Avatar Defcon made an annotation at -3563 -3159 341 while standing at -3588 -3105 432 last month
why is this here? what is this adding to the gameplay of this point?
Avatar Defcon made an annotation at 1271 -1892 151 while standing at 1419 -1885 164 last month
avoid leaving little gaps between cover like this
Avatar Defcon made an annotation at -994 -1612 138 while standing at -965 -1682 173 last month
Avatar Defcon made an annotation at 356 -3508 213 while standing at 452 -3760 235 last month
extend displacement to fill this gap
Avatar Hydrogenic made an annotation at -5622 -3984 420 while standing at -4917 -3192 1076 (Completed - View) last month
Avatar Alex.bsp made an annotation at -3545 -3218 308 while standing at -3687 -3218 383 last month
why would anyone come down here? it just seems like a place for spies to hang out in
Avatar erk left feedback: last month
simplify last, this is too complicated to play around
Avatar nesman made an annotation at -1200 -1510 496 while standing at -1458 -1476 388 (Completed - View) last month