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by Unknown


Avatar The Irish Mafia left feedback: November 2019
Routing to last from blue forward feels extremely akward.
Avatar OnionChurro left feedback: November 2019
feels cramped and maybe underscaled specially on doorways and the main payload route
Avatar youporkchop5 left feedback: November 2019
whole map is kinda cramped
Avatar half made an annotation at -549 512 97 while standing at -661 578 132 November 2019
i think 1st and 2nd are still difficult to defend and are kinda throwaway points
Avatar Emil_Rusboi made an annotation at -77 -1001 291 while standing at -226 -834 164 November 2019
lighting bug
Avatar OnionChurro made an annotation at 1809 -1250 269 while standing at 2033 -585 -91 November 2019
dead end
Avatar OnionChurro left feedback: November 2019
third is too chokey and red has a huge highground, pretty much a meat grinder
Avatar youporkchop5 made an annotation at 3778 -1021 -82 while standing at 4004 -1396 -12 November 2019
this point really doesnt need a rollback zone
Avatar Rerun left feedback: November 2019
the choke on 3rd is hard to push through (sentry hell)