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by Unknown


Avatar Defcon left feedback: last month
the entire cart path is basically flat with buildings on both sides, which is pretty boring. compare your layout to badwater or upward
Avatar JPEG (*.JPG;*.JPEG;*.JPE) made an annotation at 246 471 -949 while standing at 383 367 -894 last month
make these pickups further apart from each other
Avatar Defcon made an annotation at 222 910 -933 while standing at 501 887 -619 last month
make it so the corners of these turns don't align diagonally to break up sightlines
Avatar +Bats made an annotation at 934 1395 -880 while standing at 936 1392 -881 last month
way too many sniper sightlines on this map
Avatar whatheman28 made an annotation at -518 2639 -773 while standing at -486 2632 -763 last month
this window looks very out of place
Avatar Switchgeer left feedback: last month
i feel like reds forward spawn is really close to blu. i you really want it this close maybe shorter setup
Avatar whatheman28 made an annotation at 1379 -1056 -710 while standing at 1378 -940 -763 last month
you can sticky jump up here and kind of clip through
Avatar Hard Boiled Cheese made an annotation at 1708 -413 -913 while standing at 1712 -487 -863 last month
you can get stuck on this weird slope
Avatar +Bats made an annotation at 2867 -2552 -884 while standing at 3088 -2552 -884 last month
there are areas on the track where a player can get caught on them. One is on the weird groove by third cap
Avatar JPEG (*.JPG;*.JPEG;*.JPE) left feedback: last month
idk how i feel about the one-way windows
Avatar MoonJelly left feedback: last month
probably push blu spawn behind the 2nd cap, not directly on 2nd cap
Avatar +Bats made an annotation at 2867 -2384 -884 while standing at 3088 -2384 -884 last month
There's so much open and wide space that favors attackers more than defenders.
Avatar abp left feedback: last month
B point area is generally very cramped
Avatar Circletine made an annotation at -562 -497 -919 while standing at -573 -617 -891 last month
make setup a tad longer?