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by Unknown


Avatar Two Suns In The Sunset left feedback: 4 days ago
add class screaming from scream fortress if you lose gravity and fly out of the map
Avatar MegapiemanPHD made an annotation at 1647 -1485 328 while standing at 1781 -1609 324 4 days ago
some props by this door vanash at some angles when looking at them.
Avatar Two Suns In The Sunset left feedback: 4 days ago
map feels like it lacks ammo packs
Avatar RGB left feedback: 4 days ago
last still feels like a clusterfuck of props
Avatar MegapiemanPHD left feedback: 4 days ago
why is there a hatch at last that's a death pit?
Avatar davyc made an annotation at -1215 -624 537 while standing at -1204 -626 533 4 days ago
i got stuck in this door when we capped
Avatar Diva Dan made an annotation at 2461 -730 302 while standing at 2445 -876 324 4 days ago
this door still has issues with not opening when inside
Avatar Dr. Pyspy made an annotation at -2629 52 459 while standing at -2551 32 485 4 days ago
from this angle there's a big ol void that lets you see to the skybox
Avatar Xbmann made an annotation at -2411 -378 393 while standing at -2328 -359 321 4 days ago
door clips down into this room
Avatar Gruppy made an annotation at -2506 -24 468 while standing at -2437 -100 516 4 days ago
You can hide stickies in this door prop
Avatar iceman left feedback: 4 days ago
this map is interesting concept