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Vigil Rc4

by Unknown


Avatar youporkchop5 made an annotation at 2232 3528 -358 while standing at 2255 3494 -315 2 weeks ago
low frames here
Avatar Kine² made an annotation at 2008 3394 -483 while standing at 2008 3395 -539 2 weeks ago
if i taunt while on the cart i can see through walls
Avatar A Lego Buttplug left feedback: 2 weeks ago
clever use of flipping the spawn points at last red spawn
Avatar Kine² left feedback: 2 weeks ago
respawn for blu seems really short
Avatar Kine² left feedback: 2 weeks ago
there's a really fun rocket jump out of blu's spawn
Avatar Poof made an annotation at -1115 282 -299 while standing at -1117 295 -266 2 weeks ago
Should I be able to stand on this?