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by Unknown


Avatar zythe_ made an annotation at -209 -3200 -162 while standing at -216 -3178 -126 July 2022
perhaps if the current core location is too hard to attack you could put it somewhere here
Avatar Biggest Boss [Knockout] made an annotation at 542 2584 169 while standing at 514 2582 202 July 2022
you can land on the tree
Avatar Aulli made an annotation at 1432 -1078 -111 while standing at 1505 -1538 132 July 2022
can't decide if it's an issue or not but this route is a deathtrap for defenders to try to go out of
Avatar arcticcu the croc left feedback: July 2022
I feel like I go long times not meeting anyone
Avatar hondjo made an annotation at 80 -69 397 while standing at 179 -133 450 July 2022
either make this roof accessible to all classes or find a way to keep scouts off it, very little beats a competent scout
Avatar zythe_ left feedback: July 2022
too large, would need some restructuring but the ideas for most of the areas are cool and have potentioal
Avatar zythe_ made an annotation at -1208 1984 76 while standing at -1336 2059 132 July 2022
make this a prop jump
Avatar Fr*nch People be like: made an annotation at -676 2292 152 while standing at -663 2266 180 July 2022
stuck, pls clip
Avatar Hadull left feedback: July 2022
can't tell which robot area is which
Avatar Hadull left feedback: July 2022
map feels ever so slightly overscaled
Avatar Pigzit made an annotation at 657 -741 -74 while standing at 842 -875 -59 July 2022
this ramp feels way too steep
Avatar patrick made an annotation at -42 -126 336 while standing at 7 -223 385 July 2022
clip these rooves manually, the model collision is awful
Avatar Hadull made an annotation at 476 -599 172 while standing at 79 -122 450 July 2022
jittery on this roof
Avatar zythe_ left feedback: July 2022
this is my cringe opinion but i think rd doesent really need a mid and you can just have A robots on mid, make the map smol
Avatar Niro left feedback: July 2022
if you are going to have such height variation, you should add some water to prevent fall damage
Avatar Tails8521 made an annotation at 1118 -1158 -87 while standing at 1101 -1175 -59 July 2022
robot stuck in ground
Avatar zythe_ left feedback: July 2022
based rd
Avatar 3-UP left feedback: July 2022
gong in spawn doesn't do noise 0/10