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by Unknown


Avatar nwac left feedback: last month
can you point spawn points at the right door in each stage please
Avatar env_doomtrain made an annotation at -1440 3361 253 while standing at -1477 3479 260 last month
Should give some indication that you can't exit these doors on this stage
Avatar Wilson left feedback: last month
This map called me a loser. remove.
Avatar rafradek made an annotation at 1294 2046 252 while standing at 2535 -604 203 last month
lots of sightlines on this stage
Avatar nwac made an annotation at -1345 4302 239 while standing at -1328 4191 257 last month
need signage to tell me not to use this door
Avatar puxorb left feedback: last month
some signs might be helpful
Avatar puxorb left feedback: last month
I like the random stages concept